Welcome to the Talthalra D' Bel'la. Translated Meeting of Honor.
We are a Neutral Guild on Erollisi Marr.


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In Memory of Mason Whetstone (aka Incursus) KIA
Operation Iraqi Freedom July 17, 2003

In Memory of those troops that have died serving their country,
in it's defence and protection of our freedoms

In Honor of all POW/MIA's or former POW/MIA's

In Honor of those troops that serve or have served in the US Military.

To the above, we thank you for your service, and protection.


Due to Talthalra passing it's hayday, and the site not being used anymore we are closing the doors on the site. The boards link will still work, and I might update some news from time to time, till the site comes down completely.

We've had our share of good times and bad times. It's been a great journey none-the-less, but it's time to say good-bye.